About the Artist

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Laurie Redden guitar“As an artist, painter, I relish the challenge to reach inward to the mere glimpse of inspiration in my mind, and bring it to life.”

Laurie Redden earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting/drawing and graphic design) from Indiana University. In 2010, after years of designing in New York and Chicago, and trying to juggle her time between painting and design, she rededicated herself to her true passion, painting.

The Weave Series

For many years, Laurie painted in a more traditional style and she still enjoys capturing a stunning Plein-air landscape or still life. About 15 years ago, she began to explore a new direction, her “weave” series. In her weave series, shape and color of objects take precedence and are manipulated/abstracted to create movement and depth. Color is used in combinations that will complement, and tension and solidify the mood of the piece. Light, and its infinite ability to enhance detail, often comes later in the process. She stays conscious of its impact, but those strokes of paint may not be applied until near the end. The orientation of objects are flipped around and woven to flow with adjacent “pieces”. This whimsical placement of objects allows the painting to be viewed/hung from a variety of directions. The weave style is a much slower, cerebral painting process and definitely taps into her graphic design background.

Laurie finds an endless potential for subjects to weave, many of her commissions derive from her clients’ passions – bikes, cars, trees, – but she especially loves weaving musical instruments and plant/flowers, subjects from two of her other passions, music, and gardening.

All paintings shown are for sale.
Please contact Laurie Redden via email or phone: 708-715-2812