About the Artist

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Denise PozenPhotography is my passion and I like to capture the beauty of the natural world around us, as well as the interesting design and art that can occur “by accident”. As the parish photographer for St. John of the Cross parish in Western Springs, I enjoy taking pictures of the people, events, and beautiful architectural elements of the parish for use in the bulletins, on the parish website, and the occasional parish Christmas card.

The first animals I photographed were non-domesticated, but I have since discovered that domesticated or not, all cats give the same “look.”

As a long-time cat and dog owner (I have heard rumors that my file here at Boone is one of the thickest), I like to capture candid moments when pets are actively engaged with their environment as well as more classic poses. I am available to do a portrait of your pet, either in your home or at a nearby outdoor location. I can also create a pet portrait using a suitable picture that you have taken.

Every pet is different and my goal is to create a portrait that shows a pet in the best way. I will look at black and white, and other photo effects, in addition to the original color photo.

Samples of my work can be seen at https://squareup.com/store/DenisePozenPhotography and at the Boone Animal Hospital website, www.booneah.com/staff, where I have photographed the vets with their pets.

I’m also available to photograph individuals and private local events, and I can help you with photo projects if you would like to do something special with a photo – either yours or mine. Please contact me if you would like more information or if you would like to schedule photography services.

In case you’re wondering, I charge a fee of $150 for photographing and editing of one final portrait. A 16” x 20” photo in a basic frame like those on the wall (but with a plastic cover) is $50. Framed photos with a mat and glass cover with are more.